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Bear Claw RecipeBear Claw Recipe - Chocolate - Caramel Bear Claws

Bear Claw Recipe - Chocolate - Caramel Bear Claws

In honor of our trip to Glacier National Park this year, here is a fun recipe to bring to your next camp-out.

8 ounces of Guittard Dark Chocolate
4 ounces of Peter's bulk caramel
36 whole Cashews

Roll 8 balls of caramel and press them into flat circles onto wax paper. Melt the Guittard chocolate in 30 second intervals. Place in a 8 ounce squeeze bottle for good aim! Squeeze out about once ounce of chocolate in the shape of a bear claw over the caramel. Quickly add the nuts to look like toes!
Beware! I hear this Grizzly eats humans for snacks!

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