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An Occasional Chocolate in the News!

Chocolate TrufflesThe Best Articles on Chocolate

Hot new chocolate news!

Money Saving Tips for Frugal Living

Gift Tower Boxes - How To Let's make a cool gift tower of chocolate candy!

Chocolate Dipping Fondue Fountains and Recipe
How to use your chocolate fountain!

Make Homemade Truffles Similar to Joseph Schmidt's
Chocolate truffles are a long-time favorite. Companies such as Joseph Schmidt have wonderful truffles. Have you ever thought you could make homemade truffles as tasty and beautiful as Joseph Schmidt? Well now you can!

Making Chocolate Leaves

History of Chocolate and Truffles
Dark or light, solid or brimming with fruits, creams, caramel, nuts or liqueurs, chocolate caresses the taste bud S with its ambrosial flavors, and we surrender to pure joy.

In the News
Articles written about An Occasional Chocolate, including the TV spot.

Health and Chocolate
Chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants that may help guard against cancer and heart disease.

How to Temper Chocolate
So What Does "Tempering Chocolate" Mean?

Choosing the Type of Chocolate You Need For Your Project
Real Chocolate Versus confectioner's Coating/Molding Chocolate

History Of Chocolate Mold S: Timeline
Chocolate mold S have been around since 1880! Looking for an antique out of print mold? Try eBay! Help the grandparents remember the chocolate bunnies from yesteryear.

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas
Perfect ideas for putting together gift baskets for friend S or fundraisers.

Homemade Gift Ideas
Ideas on saving money by making things for your friend S and family during the Holidays.


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