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Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas

A note about putting together gift baskets

By Cheryl Sandberg

Cheryl SandbergWhether it's a gift basket for a friend or for a fundraising event, chocolate is the way to go! It's the "Oooooh and Ahhhh" basket everyone wants, and everyone who loves chocolate, loves it all the way.

Gift giving for the chocolate lover is easy. There is a variety of fun chocolate gift ideas to tantalize your gourmet chocolate lover friend or coworker. Gift baskets are fun to put together and we have several ideas to help. Chocolate gift basket ideas can be broad in nature. In your basket you can have a selection of fine pre-made chocolates, make your own truffles, or place things such as chocolate covered espresso beans, gourmet hot chocolate or a fun huge 10 pound bar of gourmet chocolate into your basket. If your friend doesn't want all the calories of chocolate, we have other great ideas, too. We've personally reviewed all of these products and found them wonderful for putting in your personalized gourmet chocolate gift basket.

Chocolate Gift Basket
An example of a gift basket one of our customers put together.

For those who don't blink at calories when it involves chocolate, add these wonderful products to their basket:

A huge, never forgettable, 10 pound bar of fine French chocolate
Make them some candy with our recipes.

Non-caloric gift suggestions:Books and DVDs about chocolate

Or here are some great products that are chocolate related - fun, fun, fun!

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