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Real ChocolateChoosing the Type of Chocolate You Need For Your Project

Real Chocolate Versus confectioner's Coating/Molding Chocolate

Cheryl Sandberg

By Cheryl Sandberg

Just what is everyone talking about anyway?

When choosing the type of chocolate you need for your candy making project, there are two different options: real chocolate with cocoa butter, or confectioner's coating (molding chocolate).

Real chocolate must be tempered if you want to use it in molds or for dipping. Tempering helps give it a shiny look which is great for molds and dipping, as it prevents it from looking foggy or whitish.

Chocolate companies created confectioner's coating so that we can avoid tempering real chocolate. In creating confectioner's coating, the cocoa butter was removed from the chocolate and palm kernel oil was added. The product looks just like real chocolate, but it cannot be sold with a chocolate label because it doesn't contain cocoa butter. Many companies make confectioner's chocolate taste really wonderful. We recommend Guittard Melt n Mold confectioner's coating. It was chosen because of its superior taste to that of other companies confectioner's coating which can have a waxy taste.

Use confectioner's coating or molding chocolate for:
Dipping berries, nuts and other things
When you don't want to temper your chocolate

Use real chocolate for:
If you temper your chocolate you can also use it for molds, dipping berries, nuts and other things.


Real chocolate:

Guittard's Old Dutch Milk
Guittard's French Vanilla Semi-Sweet Dark
Guittard's Gourmet Bittersweet
Guittard's High Sierra White

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