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Chocolate StraweberriesCustomer Comments: Directly from our Customers' Mouths!

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Unsolicited comments from our wonderful customers!

"Hi, you guys are amazing. I received my order from you in like 38 minutes (a day and a half, actually, but still, that was really fast). And the recipes on your site look simple enough for even a newbie to follow. What's kind of amazing is, I haven't found anyplace else that explains how to make the chocolate truffle shell. Yet you put this information out there, for free no less. Because you did, I ordered stuff from you to try out the recipes. So if any accountant ever tells you "Charge a fee for your recipes," tell them "No. We get more orders that way." Thanks so much!" - Kate

"Not only do I think your website is great, but your whole IDEA is wonderful. I've never seen something like this. I love the chocolate favors. What a terrific and unusual idea. I would think you would do very, very well. The things I ordered were GREAT." - Allison W

"I just wanted to tell you how great your chocolate is. My first time making truffles but because of the quality of the chocolate and the easy recipe, it was a hit and now everyone is so impressed with me!
I will order more soon! Thanks a bunch! Sincerely, Constance"

"Your page has been book marked long before I requested fundraising ideas :) I think I've probably been through your entire site more times than I can count...it is my desire to have a site that gives more in info and value to customers, and just has that "comfortable atmosphere" (rather than having a main focus of sell, sell, sell) as your site does so beautifully. It just make people want to bookmark it (and buy your chocolate :)-I plan on creating gifts using your Chocolate & ideas for Christmas this year..." Angela W

"I'm just starting to experiment with truffles and chocolate and i loved the tips you have on your web-site. Thank you so much!" - Keri, KS

"I received my order and the chocolate & it was DELICIOUS!!! Thank You. Even though it goes against all nature for a woman to share her chocolate,I did give a taste to my husband & we both agreed that it tasted like we should buy more!!" - Carol, WA

"I usually buy my candy making supplies through you and I decided to try the chocolate. This stuff is outrageous! I like it even better than Scharffen Berger, which is what I usually use for baking and making chocolates". - Kathryn M.

"I got my order today and I loved it!! The chocolate was a welcome treat to a boring and dreary day. It was so smooth and creamy!!!! Thank you" - Chasity, OR

"Your web site has been most helpful! My daughters and I have learned much and appreciate your willingness to share with your fellow chocolatiers. I have made many a favor for parties for friends over the years and have seriously been considering going into business and felt like I needed to do a little homework on chocolate to offer the best products to our customers. Again thank you for making that such an easy task! Blessings! " - The Three Chocolatiers, Sandy (Mom), Alisabeth(17) and Breanna (10)

"What a GREAT website!!! And I just called for some information and they couldn't be nicer!!! This website is
PERFECT. I have been making chocolates and chocolate cookies/favors for almost 30 years, this is good not only for ME, but for the novice." - Joanne in NJ


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