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Make a Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

Dipped StrawberryAhhh, a chocolate dipped strawberry - a beautiful luscious treat that any chocolate or berry lover can enjoy! You see them in fancy chocolate shops and drool. All dressed up in almonds, chocolate chips or coconut, or decorated like a tuxedo, in plain chocolate, white chocolate, flavored chocolate; ANYTHING you can think of! People pay lots of money for these; they are an incredible gift for someone who you know has everything! They also make a great 'show' at a potluck. Shari's Berries charges $65 for 9 chocolate dipped strawberries in a box! They get away with it too; their sales are rapidly growing and people buy them left and right!

With Father'wedding-favor-ideas.html">weddings coming, wouldn't it be great to know how to make those yourself, doing it just as beautifully as the fancy stores do?

They are as easy as pie. Well, as easy as strawberries! You must start out with the right chocolate. Shari's Berries uses the same chocolate we do, Guittard! Why? Because Guittard Melt and Mold chocolate has the ability to melt and cool smoothly and shiny. They have a taste that will knock your socks off! For any chocolate g ift you make, you want to use the very best! It makes you feel even better when they say, "You MADE that???"

How-to: Melt your favorite flavor of MOLDING chocolate in 30-second intervals to prevent scorching the chocolate. Grab a fresh strawberry by its stem. (Only buy good quality strawberries for these. It WILL make a huge difference!) Dip the strawberry into the chocolate rotating from side to side to make a V-shape of chocolate around the strawberry. Lay on waxed paper. Immediately move to the refrigerator to get the shiny chocolaty look. Drizzle with a different color chocolate using the painter bottle. You can use white chocolate, or add some color by adding the candy food coloring. It looks extra special with pink! Be careful not to use regular food coloring with chocolate. The water in the coloring you buy at the grocery store will ruin the chocolate.

For variety try: Dipped Strawberry

Dipping half the strawberry in white and half in dark chocolate.

Dipping the front in white chocolate then dipping the sides in milk chocolate to make a tuxedo

While the chocolate is still wet, add Nonpareils, candy sprinkles, nuts, coconut, granola and much more!

Remember, these will look the best on the day they are made. Strawberries only last 1-2 days after being dipped. Depending on size, it takes about 1 ounce of chocolate to cover one strawberry.

Good luck and let me know if you have questions!

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Title: Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Recipe

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