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Bulk Chocolate Bar: Dark, Milk, White


Gourmet Bulk Chocolate Bar for  Candy Making: 10 Pound Bar

10 pound gourmet bulk bars for candy making


Each bulk chocolate flavor is reminiscent of the complex characteristics of fine wines. With each bite of this bar you experience the subtle range of qualities that only world-class artisan chocolates can deliver. 

These are extraordinary chocolate bar gifts that are instantly recognized as such by chocolate aficionados. Shipped separately from one of our affiliates Sept 15 - May 15 only.

Use these huge 10 pound bulk gourmet chocolate bars with our candy making recipes throughout the website.  This chocolate bar must be tempered before using in molds.

Choose from 4 different flavors of gourmet bulk bars: (Sold from our sister store, HeavyChocolate.com)

Old Dutch Milk Bar (Gourmet Bulk 10 Pound Bar) - 30% cocoa content.

French Vanilla Semi-Sweet Dark Bar (Gourmet Bulk 10 Pound Bar) - Gold Medal Winner: Chefs in America Awards Foundation. 54% cocoa content. 

Gourmet Bittersweet Bar (Gourmet Bulk 10 Pound Bar) - Gold Medal Winner: Chefs in America Awards Foundation. 63% cocoa content.

Love to temper chocolate? These items may help you!

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Thanks to our association with the world-famous 137-year-old gourmet Guittard Chocolate Company of San Francisco, you can now acquire this exclusive, high-end chocolate not for $20–$40 for just one pound, but just $4.99 a pound for a massive, scale-tipping, 10-pound “Chocolate Bloc.” — The World’s Biggest Chocolate Bar — in your choice of four masterfully blended flavors. In stock and ready for immediate chocolate gift-giving.

This gourmet bulk chocolate bar is great for candy making!  Candy making is what we are about here at An Occasional Chocolate. We love what we do! When we found this bulk chocolate bar we went nuts! 

These huge 10 pound bars are fun to give as gifts. Imagine the look on their faces when they open this huge package and find out what it is! Imagine the giggles as they try and bite into it!

Where on Earth did chocolate and the chocolate craze come from? Read all about the history of chocolate and where it comes from.

The Guittard Chocolate company has been around for many years and competes with the best of them! We chose Guittard chocolate because of it's fine quality, incredible taste and its work with Fair Trade.


"Really have enjoyed visiting your site! This is my second order-- the Guittard chocolates truly are wonderful! Thank you for  the easy transactions and quick delivery!" Joan, TX

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