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Chocolate TruffleHistory Of Chocolate and Truffles

A Note about Chocolate Truffles

By Cheryl Sandberg

Cheryl SandbergTruffles - this is what everyone thinks of when they think of fancy chocolates. 'What a treat - a TRUFFLE! Oooooh!' Elegant, rich and beautiful, these confections are always satisfying. They have cream centers, and they are covered in chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut, or nuts. A good truffle melts easily in your mouth. They are excellent with a glass of red wine or just by themselves.

The name for chocolate truffles comes from the name of a fungus that grows around the roots of trees in France and Italy. A good truffle can sell for $2,000 and is highly treasured.

Chocolate truffles were traditionally made in a lop-sided round shape about an inch around, similar to the fungi. They are highly sought after. The name 'truffle' fits these chocolate candies just right.

The most important factor in truffle making is the quality of ingredients you use. Truffles are known for their top quality ingredients. Anything less, and it just wouldn't be a truffle! High quality is of utmost importance from the chocolate to the heavy cream as well as the finest vanilla from Madagascar with Bourbon.

Truffles are easy to make, even though they look splendid and impress your friends easily. Making the truffle is extra easy for people like me who are very busy. There are many stopping places when you can set it aside and finish later or the next day. The truffles must rest and chill for several hours before being eaten. (Unless you simply can't hold back!)

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How easily it seduces. How readily we succumb. A glimpse, a sniff, a flash of pleasures past, and all resistance melts ---- we reach for another chocolate. Dark or light, solid or brimming with fruits, creams, caramel, nuts or liqueurs, chocolate caresses the taste buds with its ambrosial flavors, and we surrender to pure joy. No surprise that chocolate's scientific name... read more from Retail confectioner's.org

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