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Money Saving Tips People Who Love to be Frugal

Alright so maybe you don't love being frugal. Maybe saving money and looking for tips on saving money has become a necessity. High gas prices and rising food costs are just a few of the burdens placed on our families this year.  With gas at an all time high we need tips for saving money!

Money saving tips can be the thing that can help take the edge off. 

Frugal people have this funny reputation for washing out plastic bags and reusing them (don't shoot me if you do that!).  But now we need to stop laughing and join in!  There are easy and rewarding ways to save money. I like money saving tips that don't make you live like a pauper.

My favorite way, of course, is I save tons and tons of money by just simply making my own chocolate gifts. How many times have you spent $25-50 on a gift for someone only to be bummed out after you spent the cash, they open it and love it but you never see it again! When I receive a gift like that it ends up cluttering up my house and in a garage sale within a year. (Shhh don't tell my friends that!) Those dollars add up quickly.  Turtles, truffles, chocolate covered pretzels, dipped strawberries and other recipe ideas cost pennies on the dollar but are loved beyond belief.

I love anything that I can save a bit of money on but it makes me look like a genius!

Money Saving Tips for Frugal Living

  • Make your own edible gifts
  • Keep track of the dollars you spend - you'd be surprised where money slips away
  • Pay cash for things instead of ATM or credit as often as possible
  • Try the envelope system
  • Eliminate debt by paying off the smallest bill first, then adding that payment to the next smallest bill until you are paying no interest
  • Make grocery lists with ingredients for the dinners you chose to cook for the following week. Grocery stores are set up to entice you to purchase things you hadn't planned on!
  • Eat before you grocery shop
  • Dress warmly when you do choose to go to dinner. Restaurants lower the temperature to make you feel hungrier
  • Order a larger meal at a restaurant and ask for a doggie bag right away. What fun to make two meals out of one!
  • Before you go to the mall, go to a garage sale! It's one of my favorite things to do and it satisfies that shopping need for me!
  • Avoid trends in clothing, furniture and decorations. Only buy classic things that will last because you really love it.
  • Try to stop drinking soda and bottled water. Just watch the pennies pile up when you try that!
  • Go camping! Who wants to fly when airlines are going out of business and tickets prices are astronomical?
  • Pay your bills by direct debit. You'll save the postage and you'll avoid late fees.
  • Drop your extra features on your cell phone. Text messaging and web access are fun but...
  • Sell your stuff on eBay or Amazon.  We did really well when we sold our daughters used clothing!
  • Print your documents in draft mode, it adds up!


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