wedding dress

Wedding Dress Trends to Be Excited for this 2021

Bigger events may be canceled, but love does not have to be. If you and your partner are getting married this year, congratulations! Your relationship survived a pandemic and a recession, and now you’re ready to begin a new chapter together and start anew. With the COVID-19 crisis changing the way we celebrate the biggest

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fashionable woman

Fashion Trends from Spring and Summer 2021

Although 2020 has been a quiet year in the fashion world, 2021 unveiled a new season of bold and stylish designs for spring and summer dominating the fashion world. From Paris to Milan, you can find serious style inspiration with the top fashion trends taking over the start of the new decade. That said, here

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woman wearing earrings

Fashion Accessories: Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Style

Accessories make or break an entire outfit. The right jewelry can enhance the overall effect of the apparel. Meanwhile, bad choices for accessories ruin even the most expensive clothes making them look shabby and cheap. However, we make bad choices in our selection of jewelry, especially during busy or bad days. Sometimes, we are in

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woman infront of a laptop with headphones

Styling Strategies to Help You Get Ready for Your Next Zoom Meeting

When the pandemic hit in March, most professionals began working from home. Since then, video conferencing has been the usual way to conduct team meetings, client pitches, and job interviews. But dressing up for a professional Zoom meeting can be a bit tricky. Since you’re home and nobody can see what you’re wearing on the

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Men's hairstyle

Men’s Hairstyles Throughout the Years That You Can Still Rock Today

During the time of Emperors, Kings, and Queens, a man’s haircut reflects a man’s social status, wealth, and power. And while different hairstyles may have evolved throughout the years, not much has changed when it comes to seeing a man with a fresh cut and new look. Various hairstyles have trended depending on each period,

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winter fashion

5 Fall/Winter 2020 Accessories to Stay Fashionable This Pandemic

A few blinks, and before you know it, fall and winter are here. Although it’s still uncertain whether you’re going to have a fabulous time outdoors because of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and strut your stuff at least once in a while. To make sure you’ll look your best while

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hair, comb and shears

How to Care for Your Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Hairdressing scissors are your trusty, best friend in your trade, and with proper care, they will give you many years of use and a great return on investment. From proper cleaning to storage, learn about the best care tips to keep your professional hair cutting shears in great condition: Clean After Every Use Wipe your scissors

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